Tess Cunningham

Tess Cunningham is a London based composer, songwriter and producer. A multi-genre writer, Tess brings her melodic and multi-instrumental skills (piano, guitar, bass) to each project. Born in Melbourne Australia, Tess moved away from her hometown as a teenager


Songs Without Words Album – Out 12/7/19

Cover Art by Tess

Tess Cunningham’s filmic new release Songs Without Words drops online 12/7/19.

A collection of beautiful melodies, arranged simply with unique vocal production techniques, reflect the feeling of London – and the pull of home.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Tess is influenced by Prokofiev, Elgar and Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe. Always drawing vivid inspiration from her days as a ballet dancer, she composes with choreography in mind. Speaking of her creative process, Tess said: “My imagined dances feed into my compositions – through dance and music I’m reminded that life cycles and changes wherever you are in the world. I like to think that I’ll bloom wherever I play my piano.”

Interested in visual art as an exploration of music, a visual accompaniment for Onward combines the perpetual motion of the music with a moving feast for the eyes, evoking the colours and textures of the Australian landscape.

Songs Without Words is streaming from Friday 12 July, and available on Bandcamp and iTunes.




Track Listing

  1. Far Away
  2. Ochre
  3. Jack’s Place
  4. Onward
  5. The Midnight Forest
  6. Little Echo
  7. To Understand The Stars
  8. Wollumbin
  9. The Very Thing



“To understand the stars would spoil their appearance.”
Patrick White, Voss


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